timelady -- The Cycling Artist

Etsy Shop Name: My Etsy member name is timelady so my shop is timelady.etsy.com – but my shop name is actually The Cycling Artist

What you sell: My own original paintings, which are mainly seascapes from my ongoing project of cycling the English coast. All of my paintings are abstractions about the sea and water. On Etsy I sell my exhibition work (larger canvas paintings) but also a lot of small, affordable pieces from my studio process including small paintings on board and small 5” stretched canvases as well as the popular ACEO format paintings.

Tell us about your featured item: My featured item is a study on board of the seaside at Middleton-on-Sea on the Sussex coast where there is a grassy footpath along the seafront. I loved trying to capture the simplicity of the sea meeting green and also the overcast day creating a soft grey feel to everything. This is quite a sublte painting but one of my favourites. It is artist acrylics on primed hardboard, 7.5”x3.5”. These paintings are very popular on Etsy and off, I think because they are an easy way to start collecting original art.
How do you decide on the price of your products?

I have established my prices over the course of selling for about 10 years. While I did start selling online on another venue, it evolved to mainly gallery representation and exhibitions in art-specific spaces. My prices have risen slowly over the years in relation to demand and how much I produce. Now I’m at the point where I simply list at my usual gallery prices. I do not undercut my galleries, which would be very bad practice, but try to use Etsy to offer a different selection of work. Most of my online customers are international, mainly in the USA, so with larger works on Etsy I keep consistent pricing with galleries by including international courier costs in the online prices. That means international customers don’t have any scary extra costs to worry about if they like my paintings.

How do you market your Etsy shop?

Mainly online – through my several blogs, website, Twitter, email signature and occasional newsletters. Right now I have few chances for marketing it on the street so to speak since I don’t do many art events myself. This may change though!

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