Etsy Shop Name and Address:
‘Glowing Doll’
What you sell:
Tote bags, T-shirts and jewellery
Tell us about your featured item:
Captain Kat Tote Bag
Some of my best illustrations are on things they shouldn’t be. In the margins of notebooks, on napkins, old receipts etc. Luckily I managed to scan these adorable cat characters onto my computer and turn them into Tote bags.
Link to your featured product:
What do you enjoy most about running your own Etsy shop?
Etsy provides me with a much needed creative outlet and experience at running my own small business.
Do you sell on any venues outside of Etsy?
I sell my photography on Redbubble. You can purchase it framed, mounted, laminated, printed onto canvas or as a greeting card. I also sell t-shirts on Redbubble with designs that are exclusive to my Redbubble shop.

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PussDaddy said...

Oh, hee hee, I like Captain Cat.