Etsy Shop Name: Bella Boutique

What you sell: Our shop specializes in accessories (handcrafted of course!) of all kinds. Our tagline of “Jewelry. Style. Famously Distinct.” Sums it up best. We feature jewelry, handbags, body products, and everything in between.

Tell us about your featured item:
We launched the Viva Handmade line in early December of last year and it has been rockin ever since. Ever so popular with the those wishing to support the handcrafted movement. These t’s and totes are silk screened in the comfort of our own homes (specifically the kitchen!) on Jersey t’s and thrifted finds – so stay tuned for unique one of a kind pieces.

What do you enjoy most about running your own Etsy shop?

The opportunity to glean more exposure for our artists is the top priority and what gets us so excited about Etsy. These people work so hard, and pour so much of themselves into their product, we would be derelict in our duties to not take advantage of such an awesome community – Etsy! A site consisting of like minded people can make the world go round. There is support in every direction, creative inspiration at every turn, and an ideal which in our eyes, completely rocks.

Do you sell in any venues outside of Etsy?

Our Etsy shop is a spin off of our Brick and Mortar boutique, Bella Boutique, in Anchorage Alaska. The shop has been rockin the great white north for over a year now, and we thought it was high time to get some of our local artists exposure on Etsy. It’s such a fantastic site and opportunity! The owners, Lena Kilic and Annie Ciszak are both nationally recognized jewelry designers with their work available in the boutique and in various shops around the state and country.

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