Etsy Shop Name: thebeadedlily

What you sell: My tagline is 'eclectic jewelry for eclectic people'. I make wire and beaded jewelry and other items, keyrings, eyeglass leashes, magnets, etc. My work leans to the earthy, organic side.

Tell us about your featured item: One of my latest pieces, the Sabatini bracelet, is a current favorite of mine and featured in my shop. It was created for the Etsy Beadweaver's RED Challenge. It's very piratical! It's a band of peyote stitched squares in scarlet, sangria and pale gold Delicas, divided by silver-lined red and luster berry Czech seed beads and edged with pale gold. There's some center detailing and a collection of six vintage mother-of-pearl buttons and twenty-four handformed and hammered goldfill swirls.

Is your Etsy shop a full-time job, part-time job, or hobby?

I hit Etsy wanting to replace my part-time income with Etsy earnings. I'm still in hobby stage at this point, but I hope to reach my goal by next year!

Do you enjoy, loathe, or simply accept the necessity of record keeping for your business? Why?

I'm sorry to say that I loathe it. I'm not an organized person. The hurricane starts in my mind and extends to everything I touch. My living space is messy. My work space is messy. My personal financial records are only extant by virtue of online banking. My business records are pathetic. My math skills leave a bit to be desired and my computer skills are slowly growing, but spreadsheets are a challenge. I keep trying, but I've yet to find a record-keeping system that works for me.

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