Etsy Shop Name: Xiane & Threeravens

What you sell: I sell bath and body products that are crafted from predominantly organic ingredients, and fiber art and creations such as hand spun yarn .

Tell us about your featured item:
Threeravens Herb and Apple Vinegar Rinse and Toner – this is a very gentle toner for skin, as well as a fantastic clarifying rinse for the hair. I create it with organic apple cider vinegar and organic herbs that I select for their restorative, cleansing properties. I was originally told that this product would never sell on Etsy, but it has become a best seller for me!

How do you decide on the price of your products?

For me, pricing is fairly straightforward on my bath and body products. I calculate prices based on a formula that includes what my materials and packaging cost – including the shipping costs that each item incurred – and the effort and time put into making, photographing, and promoting the item. I strive to balance a fair price for the item with a good value for my customer.

How do you market your Etsy shop?

I am currently involved in several Etsy street teams, including the Bath and Body group Etsy Green and Clean Guild, Etsy Bloggers, the Carolina Etsy team, and EAST – the EarthPath Artisans team. We group together to create awareness about our shops, our team, and Etsy as a whole. I have found great success in attracting business through my efforts with these groups.
I am also a founding member of the Shelby Craft Mafia, which is part of the great Craft Mafia organization that’s based out of Austin TX and has branches all over the world. We spend a lot of time getting the word out through advertising, craft show appearances, and networking.
I’ve dabbled in online advertisement as well, but I’ve found that to be hit-or-miss.

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