Dot the I

Etsy Shop Name: Dot the I

What you sell: I’m a graphic designer/illustrator, so I like to use my illustrations in my work. I have a lot of baby onesies and tote bags. I also do a lot of scrap booking, and enjoy Photoshop-ing pictures as well and getting them printed on textured paper, suitable for framing.

Tell us about your featured item: The other is an illustration inspired by the Beatle’s “Abbey Road” album cover. It’s great for a nursery because it has 4 babies crossing the street instead of our beloved Beatles. I call the picture “Baby Road.”

How do you market your Etsy shop?

The promo forum, giving out business cards to friends and people on the street who comment on my work. I’ve hosted some giveaways and participate in trades regularly.

Why do you think that most Etsy shop owners are worried about filing taxes?

I think it’s a dreaded time of the year when you have to file taxes just as an employee, but as a business owner there is so much more to take into consideration, and of course you don’t want to make any huge mistakes that could cost your business.

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