Etsy Shop Name: Ottoman

What you sell: I started selling my Moss Collection in October of last year; the Moss Collection consists of needle felted items made to look like moss such as pincushions, sachets, jewelry, hair and other accessories, pillows and my piece that inspired the collection, the Moss Ottoman Slipcover. I will also be debuting a new collection within about week, so it should be up by the time this interview is posted.

Tell us about your featured item: I only make what I love (well, I only list what I love), so it was impossible to choose on the basis of favoritism; so, my featured item is my best seller, the Moss Pincushion. The Moss Pincushion is a needle felted pincushion made to look like moss and has three layers: the “soil” layer is dark chocolate brown in color, then on the top of the soil clump is a dark green layer, and on top of the dark green is the “moss” layer which is lime green in color.

What do you enjoy most about running your own Etsy shop?

I love, love having a creative outlet. After having a child, I needed to be able to work on something that I could do in my lap or required very little clean-up, which meant no fine art (I have a BFA in sculpture and printmaking). Although I plan on getting back into making fine art at some point, I am happy to do what I am doing now and plan on continuing and growing.

Do you set goals for your Etsy shop? If so, what type of goals?

Yes. My goals mainly deal with finishing a new idea, such as my new collection; for example, I want to start listing the new items by the end of January. The same was true for the Moss Collection; I wanted to start listing by the end of October. Some goals are pretty basic, such as finishing an item while the sun is still shining so that I can take a picture of it before it rains since I live in Oregon!

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