Guiding Light Candles

Etsy Shop Name: My shop name is Guiding Light Candles.

What you sell: I sell hand-poured soy candles in various container sizes and wax simmers. I also make body butter, sugar scrub, and soap. I have well over 40 different high quality scents that are often rotated throughout the year to fit the seasons. I'm continually testing and adding new scents.

Tell us about your featured item: My featured item is my “Scent-a-ment” candle. The Scent-a-ment candle is made in my 12oz. container and then embellished with vellum paper that has a saying or quote printed on it. I enjoy making these because they can be personalized for anybody. I have some listed that have specific sayings on them or my customer can choose their own saying, quote, or scripture. My Scent-a-ment candles make great gifts because they can be customized to any occasion.

Do you consider yourself and entrepreneur? Why or why not?

While I would love to say yes I consider myself an entrepreneur, I cannot truthfully say that. That is the ultimate goal though. Right now time and finances keep me from making this little business of mine any bigger. I suppose there's a little bit of fear in that equation as well. I pray that someday in the near future my dreams will become reality.

How do you keep your receipts and paperwork organized?

All my paperwork is kept in folders in a filing cabinet. I have 2 sets of folders for each month of the year. One set is for receipts of business purchases and the other set is for my sales. I also have folders for donations/give-aways, bank statements, fundraisers, and other miscillanious paperwork.


Renee of Guiding Light Candles said...

Thank you so much for honoring me and my shop, it is so appreciated!

dianeclancy said...

This is an interesting post! Thank you for sharing this shop.

~ Diane Clancy