Boni-Karen by Design

Etsy Shop Name: Boni-Karen by Design

What you sell: I sell Simple, Classic, Well Made Artisan Jewelry. I use the finest materials available to make my jewelry. This includes, but is not limited to, Sterling Silver and Gold filled wire and components, Bali Silver components, Thai silver components, Gemstone beads, Swarovski Crystal and Seed Beads. These are then hand crafted into reasonably priced jewelry for you and your friends. Making my Jewelry gives me great joy and nothing compares to the feeling I get when someone connects to one of my pieces !

Tell us about your featured item: This Beautiful piece has a Lovely Pearl and Thai Silver Dragonfly Pendant suspended from a wire wrapped pearl necklace. Each pearl is wrapped by hand with sterling silver wire and connected to each other in a rosary style. The necklace is 18” in length with a sterling silver lobster claw closure and a 3” extender made with sterling silver chain that ends with a pearl dangle. You can adjust the necklace from 18” to 21” if desired, so that you can wear it with different necklines. However, if you desire a different length, I will adjust it at no charge !

Do you believe there is any relationship between the number of sales a shop makes and the number of hearts they have?

I think there is definitely a relationship. When I browse around Etsy, I look at both the shop owners “favorites” and the “Hearts Me” sections. Since I am already in a shop that interests me, the shops in “favorites” and “hearts me” are generally in a style that I like and I will very often click on those stores and may make a purchase. Or, they are very different from my style and I am exposed to products I might not normally see in my window shopping and I may purchase from them! I believe the more exposure you get the better! I give hearts to stores that I feel are selling quality hand crafted items, whether they are my “cup of tea” or not. I feel all hard working artists deserve to be recognized for the time, and attention to quality, they put into their products.

How do you decide on the price of your products?

First I spend a lot of time tracking down the finest quality materials (on line or in Brick and Mortar Stores). I always try to get the best “fair” price for them so I can pass the savings onto my customers. I also keep track of how long it takes me to make the piece and what my material costs are ( each bead, piece of wire, clasp etc…). Then a small fee is added towards packaging and the cost of advertising, and I pay myself a fair hourly wage (this is determined by the level of expertise needed to complete the piece). This is added together to come up with the final price. My jewelry is very fairly priced as I believe that everyone should be able to have an artisan made piece no matter what their income.

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