Harmony Supplies

Etsy Shop Name: Harmony Supplies

What you sell: Modern and vintage jewelry findings, charms, gemstones, and beads.

Tell us about your featured item: Harmony Supplies focuses on finding the hard-to-find jewelry findings. One of our biggest sellers is the silver tone cuff links. They are base metal, sturdy, and have a flat glue able 9mm pad. They’re great for everyone as its super easy to create your own cuff links.

How do you decide on the price of your products?

I try and use a simple formula for all my items. I purchase my supplies wholesale, generally in very large quantities to get price breaks. I pass on my price breaks to my customers who don’t have a wholesale license or need huge quantities. I add up the cost of the product with the wholesalers shipping and divide that by the amount to get the per-unit price. I then mark it up a certain percentage to get the retail cost. The retail cost is adjusted to a more even number, as all of my pricing is in $0.25 increments. I also do a bit of research to see how my pricing measures in the market.

How do you market your Etsy shop?

Like most categories in Etsy, it’s hard to get your name out there. I’ve tried doing a few outside advertisements through Project Wonderful, but found limited results. I’ve had a little success with showcase spots although they are quite costly. To be honest, the most effective advertising I’ve had has been through Etsy’s “free” resources. I joined a street team of supply sellers (ESST), we work together to feature each other in treasuries. Treasuries are a great way to get your products featured and it’s also a huge compliment to your work. I also try and visit the forums daily – you never know when someone is looking for an item you sell. Forum postings also help get you noticed by other etsy sellers, who may either heart or buy items from your shop.

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