Etsy Shop Name: EpochBeads

What you sell: Vintage, antique, and contemporary jewelry supply components.

Tell us about your featured item: These are vintage circa 1950’s and 1960’s copper plated birdcage charms. These are great for putting little treasures on the inside. These are one of my favorites because they are the essence
of vintage. Copper, tarnished, and so rare! Pendants like this are just not made this way any more.

How do you decide on the price of your products?

I factor in my initial investment cost, as well as the rarity of the product. Many things I offer are very unique, and not easy to come by. I do extensive research in the history of jewelry production. So if it is very rare, and very special, then I price as such.

How do you market your Etsy shop?

I take part in forums often. Sometimes I do threads to buy jewelry, and in the process, gain customers from that. I also do local art markets where I sell my jewelry. In fact, my competition at those markets becomes my customers in the end. Etsy sort of does it for me. As long as I keep listing new items on a regular basis, my marketing has been done.

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