Mu-Yin Jewelry

Etsy Shop Name: Mu-Yin Jewelry

What you sell: wire wrapped sterling silver jewelry J I have lots of colored pearls…

Tell us about your featured item: This peach nest ring was one of my earliest works when I first started selling my jewelry. I was trying to make a “sophisticated” ring, which turned out to be just “cute”...but it was so cute that it immediately became one of my signature designs and best sellers.

What do you enjoy most about running your own Etsy shop?

When I come up with designs that I love very much and are also well received by customers, I feel my art is supported and this makes me extremely happy. I feel very fortunate that this has happened with quite a few designs in my store, and my customers also seem to share my enthusiasm about colored pearls.

What do you dislike most about running your own Etsy shop?

Running an Etsy shop is EXTREMELY time consuming and can be quite confusing if you’re not organized. Unfortunately, because Etsy is such a new website, it does not have enough time-management features for high volume sellers. I consider myself a medium volume seller, and sometimes I already feel overwhelmed by the time I spend on the website.

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