Blue Sky Pottery

Etsy Shop Name:
Blue Sky Pottery
What you sell:
Handmade, one-of-a-kind pottery. This includes bowls, cups, plates, baking dishes, vases, salt and pepper sets, teapots and tea sets, berry colanders, pitchers, bread baskets, etc. I make these items out of porcelain clay either by handbuilding or using my electric pottery wheel. They are fired in an electric kiln to approximately 2300 degrees F and so are extremely durable.
Tell us about your featured item:
Fill these bowls with salad, and you've got a work of art on your dining table. This salad bowl set would be a dream gift for the foodie on your list, especially if that foodie is you! I made the set on my pottery wheel out of beautiful, durable porcelain clay and altered the rims while the clay was soft. The glaze is a beautiful satin matte olive green with some pretty flecks in it. The large salad bowl is 5" tall x 11" across and will hold around 16 cups of salad; the eight smaller bowls in this set hold around 3 cups of salad and are approximately 3" tall x 6" across. All are signed on the bottom rim. This set is very durable and may be safely used in the microwave and dishwasher.
Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur? Why or why not?
Yes. This is the second business I have started; the first being a marketing firm that I ran for 18 years before selling it and becoming a ceramic artist. Besides making these pottery creations, I operate my studio as a walk-in art gallery for visitors and locals in our tourist town. Plus, the Etsy shop keeps me busy marketing my pieces on-line. As a one-person operation, I handle production, distribution, marketing, window displays, advertising, publicity, pricing, packaging, and all other aspects of running a business including dusting, mopping, and cleaning the bathroom!
Do you feel more comfortable with the business or crafting side of your business? Why?
Actually, I’m equally comfortable with both sides. The reason is that my formal education is in business, a marketing major, but I’ve always had art as part of what I do whether it was taking a painting class at the local college, volunteering at the art center, or doing the graphic design on marketing pieces for myself and for clients.

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