Etsy Shop Name: Georganne

Georganne's Hancrafted Baby Accessories
What you sell: Cloth diapers, Cloth diaper covers, slings, Honey Buns™ All Natural Diaper Salve, All Natural Laundry Soap, I Knead You™ scented modeling dough

Tell us about your featured item: My featured item is a bright, cheerful, cloth diaper cover, especially made for newborn babies. This cover has a cut out notch to allow air flow to healing belly buttons, and adjustable poly-resin snaps, for a custom fit. This diaper cover is waterproof, made from 2 layers of 1mm PUL (polyurethane laminate) With soft knit fabric on the outside AND inner; waterproof core never touches your child's skin! Please see my listing, for more information.

How do you market your Etsy shop?

How do I market my shop? Why, I get accountants to feature me on the blogs, of course! Ha, ha, just teasing! In reality, I have a host of networking techniques and venues that work for me. Here they are, in list form:

1) Belong to pertinent Etsy Street Teams (groups of Etsy sellers with similar interests, products, beliefs, or cultural/life situations)
2) BLOG! I too, have a blog, and post new products, works in progress, shop announcements, and any promotional sales or events. I also belong to blog-rings, which bring traffic.
3) I have my shop and blog url's in all email signatures.
4) I belong to several parenting and Christian Women's message boards, where I also have my url's in signature or profile.
5) I have a FlickR account.
6) I use my own products (ie; my babies wear my diapers, and I wear my babies in my slings) I/my children are walking billboards!
7) I give my handmade goodies as gifts.
8) I send out my business cards and free samples (when possible) with every order.
9) I have my shop name plastered on the back of my van in vinyl letters!
10) I have donated a gift bag of my products to be auctioned off at a charity fund-raiser.

Why do you think that most Etsy shop owners are worried about filing taxes?

I think the majority of working "Joe's" have a fear of the IRS (at least on some level) and of the perceived difficulty of filing. I know that I was afraid that I would end up owing Uncle Sam, instead of getting back the nice refund that my large family has come to depend on!

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