Etsy Shop Name: metamorphosis

What you sell: I make sterling silver jewelry, incorporating vintage objects, natural materials, and torch fired enamel. Most of my designs are heavily textured and oxidized for an organic look.

Tell us about your featured item: The fossil necklace is one of my favorite designs. I found these ammonite fossils at a gem and mineral show and immediately fell in love with them. I knew they were perfect for something, however I was not sure what that was at the time. After a bit of experimenting, I quickly realized that they made perfect pendants. The fossils are made of pyrite and were found in a Russian riverbed. This version of the necklace is accented with white freshwater pearls, which provide a lovely contrast with the oxidized silver of the chain.

Do you consider yourself and entrepreneur? Why or why not?

Do you feel more comfortable with the business or crafting side of your business? Why? I definitely feel more comfortable with the crafting side. I love creating and making things, but I realize that in order to continue to do the part that I enjoy, I also have to do the business part. This past year selling my work became a major part of my income and I realized just how important paying attention to the business side is.

How do you keep your receipts and paperwork organized?

I have file folders for each month, which are organized in hanging files by quarters. I keep the current month out on my desk and put all my receipts, Etsy invoices, and copies of receipts for items sold at shows, etc for that month in it. I also write all of this information in a “Dome simplified monthly record keeping” book. Ideally I write down my expenses/ income as they happen, but in reality I normally don’t finish my monthly bookkeeping until the end of the following month.

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