Etsy Shop Name: icgdesign.etsy.com
What you sell:
I sell handmade jewelry made from precious metals, silk, satin, leather, gemstones, semi precious stones, handmade glass and ceramic beads, pearls, resins, reclaimed materials, charms... really anything of quality that is interesting and beautiful that I can get my hands on!
Tell us about your featured item:
My featured item is a funky long lariat necklace of dark brown, black leather with ivory white freshwater pearls wrapped with sterling silver wire, then knotted at casual 2"ish intervals. At the end are a few extra wrapped pearls to create an asymetrical dangle. This versatile mixed textures piece can be worn long, simply tied once or wrapped twice as shown. It can also be tied around the wrist for a pretty layered bracelet or as a decorative belt. Wear it with jeans or dress it up with a silk cami and a wool suit for a unique twist on the traditional string of pearls.
Necklace is 38" long
What do you enjoy most about running your own Etsy shop?
I enjoy having the freedom to use my time any way that I choose. Sometimes I list items late at night in bed with my laptop, or make jewelry on a road trip during a long drive. This past summer , my husband and I drove out to Montana for a wedding, and I found inspiration along the way that I funneled into wire wrapping a lot of blue stones--The Big Sky was awesome! I love making pieces that are one of a kind, so I can keep exploring new ideas, materials and methods knowing that the etsy shopper appreciates the variety and choice inherent in the handmade. The process of making is an organic one, best served by few rules and boundaries. I have found etsy to be a very inspiring, accomodating venue where this sort of creativity is fostered and valued.
Do you sell in any venues outside of Etsy?
I sell my jewelry at a shop in Woodstock,NY called Craftspeople, a small store on Lake Ontario, in Sackets Harbor, called Calla Lillies and I have participated in local craft fairs in New Jersey. I have also recently had a jewelry party, hosted in Pleasantville NY.

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