Etsy Shop Name: YadaYadaYada

What you sell: We sell originally designed machine embroidered children’s clothing and apparel.

Tell us about your featured item: We’re featuring one of our baby gift sets. Our gift sets include four of our main product lines: A hooded towel, a onesie, a burp cloth, and a bib. This gift set includes the embroidered animals of our Woodland Creatures Collection. Gussy the Frog, Rocky the Rabbit, Rascal the Raccoon, and Cheeky the Squirrel are our original creations.

Do you believe there is any relationship between the number of sales a shop makes and the number of hearts they have?

We don’t believe there is any relationship. We love and appreciate every heart we get, but most of our sales have not come from those who have hearted us.

How do you decide on the price of your products?
After determining the cost of materials that make up our products, we decide what an appropriate amount to be paid for our time is as well as what the market can bear. The complexity of the design also plays a factor. We have two price points for our onesies, for example, based on complexity of design.

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