Etsy Shop Name: Beyondthelensstudio

What you sell: Right now I am selling photographs, photo cards and gift tags, as well as handmade paper cards and gift tags. I have recently started working on some paintings, and am beginning to list some of those in my shop. I have a wide range of artistic interests and am always working on something new.

Tell us about your featured item: Layered Pink is my newest shop item and painting. The idea for this piece came from a handmade paper card that I currently sell in my shop. This card has a large layered flower on the front that I felt would also look good as a painting. I like the style of it, and the way that it pops off the canvas. I am looking forward to exploring this style and design more in the future.

How do you decide on the price of your products?

I don’t have a set equation for pricing my products, I’m basically learning as I go. I have been adding up the cost of the supplies for my items; I then take into consideration the amount of time it took me to create it and attempt to add a price to that. Then I add the two together and that is how I come up with the price of my products. My biggest problem with this is figuring out what the value of my time is worth, this is something that I consistently work on.

How do you market your Etsy shop?

I have only recently begun to promote my shop, even though I have had my shop since June. My focus for marketing, at the moment, is online. I have my own website with blog – that you can find at, I’m also on MySpace, Flickr, and Stylehive. I also have business cards that I pass out to people. It takes quite a bit of work, but I have seen quite a bit more traffic coming through my shop and website in the short time that I have been marketing.

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