Roska Handmade

Etsy Shop Name: Roska Handmade

What you sell: Mostly handmade notebooks, but I have also sold badges and postcards and hope to expand soon to include some of my original art.

Tell us about your featured item: The Italian Hits – Renewed Album Cover Notebook is my favorite item right now. Like all my notebooks, it’s made of repurposed materials that I get at SCRAP here in San Francisco. The colors are bright and fun and the girls are cute in their retro wear. I love using old record covers for these notebooks, especially these compilation type albums, the graphics are always so much fun. Another cool thing about this notebook is that I was able to use an interior sleeve from another record album for the inside covers.

Do you consider yourself and entrepreneur? Why or why not?

I suppose so, in that I have started a business on my own. I don’t always feel like an entrepreneur, but I suppose that that will come with time, hopefully as my business becomes more successful. Though, to be honest, it is not the business side of this endeavor that is interesting to me. I would be much happier having someone else take care of the “hard” stuff while I just made books and buttons.

Do you feel more comfortable with the business or crafting side of your business? Why?

I definitely feel more comfortable with the crafting side. When I decided to sell my books on Etsy I had given very little thought to the business side of things. Spending time in the Crafting and Business section gave me an idea of what I was getting myself into. I’m still struggling with aspects of getting my business together, especially trying to juggle my 9 to 5 job and my crafting job. I also do not feel comfortable promoting myself; I am very shy about handing out business cards and telling people “in real life” (not just on the internet) about my business. The crafting side, on the other hand, is just me at my apartment watching movies and making a big mess with my paper cutter. Which I can totally deal with.

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