The Happy Hippie

Etsy Shop Name: The Happy Hippie

What you sell: I primarily sell hemp jewelry, but I also like to make hippie love beads and key chains. I recently introduced a line called “Designs by Dawn”, which features jewelry (mostly bracelets) made by my friend Dawn.

Tell us about your featured item: I love my featured item! It's a custom-made hemp anklet. You can choose which color(s) of beads you want and what size, and I'll make it just the way you want it! I've gotten great response to this item so far, and it's a great accessory for summer.

Why do you think that most Etsy shop owners consider the business side of their shop the most challenging?

Honestly, from what I've seen, and from my own experience, it's simply a lot more fun and motivating to be designing and creating new items than it is to actually go through the listing process and promote your shop. For people that love to craft, the serious/business side of all that really isn't all that interesting and/or fun.

Is this your first entrepreneurial adventure, or are you a seasoned veteran?

I actually started selling my handmade jewelry as early as 5th grade. I've sold my jewelry on and off for the past several years informally, but my Etsy shop is my first “serious” attempt at really running my own business, and I'm really enjoying my successes so far!

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Lucky Girl said...

Thanks for writing about this shop--I never would have found it on my own!