Etsy Shop Name: NataJane

What you sell: Crocheted wrist gloves, hat and scarf sets, and ipod pockets.

Tell us about your featured item:
I am really excited about my new pockets to fashionably store your favorite ipod. I wanted to start making pieces that are not strictly for cold weather, and I think these are a good start. These are specifically designed for the nano, but I plan to make them for the other models as well.

Do you consider yourself and entrepreneur? Why or why not?

I do consider myself an entrepreneur. I started by selling my hats and scarves, and look forward to expanding into clothing design. I’m doing this full time right now, and am excited to see my selection grow.

Do you feel more comfortable with the business or crafting side of your business? Why?

I’m definitely more comfortable with the crafting side of my business. I love to create things, but I never know how much to charge for them. When I post a new piece, I’m always more confident in the quality of the piece than the price.

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