Simply Smith Studio

Etsy Shop Name: Simply Smith Studio

What you sell: Simple handcrafted jewelry accented with gemstones

Tell us about your featured item:
My favorite piece currently in the shop is the Tarboro necklace. It is made from tourmaline nuggets and black crystals. It stands out because the distinctive cut of the tourmaline makes this simple beaded necklace an unusual piece.

Do you enjoy, loathe, or simply accept the necessity of record keeping for your business? Why?

I don’t enjoy or loathe record keeping but I am one to put off the boring task. I see it as a necessity that can help my business grow and keep me informed of how my choices have paid off.

Do you get stressed just thinking about filing taxes?

I do somewhat stress about filing taxes, mainly because the laws change every year, but I find it challenging and rewarding to do them myself.

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Thanks for including me! Great blog.