Etsy Shop Name: snowyangel

What you sell: Bold printed hand and shoulder bags, decor pillows, cat toys and pet accesories(rodent beds, dog bandanas, etc), occasionally some jewelery, winter scarfs, stockings during the holiday season, almost anything!

Tell us about your featured item: I love hand bags, what women doesn't right? The Elizabeth bag(taken from my middle name) is a mix of casual style and formal, like when dining out with the girls. I saw this fun retro fabric and new it had to be turned into a hand bag. The interior is in a rich purple tone which coordinates with the exterior blossoms but also is nice to hide those mishaps thats can happen inside purses. The handles are real bamboo wood with a worn look to them. It's very roomy and can easily fit that chunky wallet, phone, keys, and any other daily essentials. It's priced at only $22 and is my most hearted item in my shop.

Do you believe there is any relationship between the number of sales a shop makes and the number of hearts they have?

It's hard to say. I'm sure some store owners just heart stores so those stores look at there site in return(like a form of advertising) but then there are those that generally heart a store because they like the items there. I've hearted quite a few stores and have plenty of items on my favorites that I wouldn't mind buying. So yes I do think there is a relationship between the sales and hearts. I mean generally speaking if a shop has alot of hearts then alot of people have seen their store thus increasing their chance of a sale. But hearts don't mean how many people have viewed your store all together either. I've had sales from people that didn't hearted me at all.

How do you decide on the price of your products?

It's a combination of things: the cost of materials, the time is takes to created the item and what other similar items on Etsy are selling for. I've been told I could raise my prices even but I want my items to be affordable to anyone who chooses to like them. I mean not everyone wants to pay $50 for a hand bag, but I know alot more people that would pay $20 for one.

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