Etsy Shop Name: UglyPrettyThings

What you sell: Hand made, unique, plush monsters with strong personalities. They are created from socks or fleece.

Tell us about your featured item:
I love Dexter. He has an adorable smile with little fangs. He is machine and hand sewn from a deep pink and purple sock. His face has one of the strongest personalities out of the bunch, that is why I love him.
Dexter is a party monster who loves to dance. He also loves limbo, so you better be good if you want to adopt him. He has won first place for the last five years in the Annual Monster Limbo Pageant and he intends to win again this year in Oklahoma. Adopt him today and maybe he will share his winnings with you...maybe.

Do you believe there is any relationship between the number of sales a shop makes and the number of hearts they have?

Yes, I do. I think the more hearts you get the more likely you are to get a sale, especially if it is a heart on a specific item. Hearts do not equal sales though, but they do show you how many people have been exposed to your site and love it. I would say that based on the number of hearts you have about 20% to 30% of that number, not necessarily those people who hearted you, will be your sales number.

How do you market your Etsy shop?

I have business cards and a little monster booklet that comes with every monster that’s purchased. I have profiles on, and My plan for the future is to distribute more business cards to public areas like coffee shops.

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