Caroline Grace Designs

Etsy Shop Name: Caroline Grace Designs

What you sell: Unique, hand-crocheted jewelry that is designed with life in mind. My store is named after my two inspirations – my grandmothers – Caroline and Grace.

Tell us about your featured item: My favorite featured item is my “falling snowflake” earrings that I just designed. They’re crocheted using glass pearls and silver craft wire and hang beautifully. This is a new design of mine that I plan on playing with in the future. They’re unique and nothing that you’ll find at Target or Macy’s!

Why do you think that most Etsy shop owners consider the business side of their shop the most challenging?

Because first and foremost, most etsy shop owners are creative people. I don’t think it ‘s specific to etsy shop owners, though. I think any owner of any store feels the business side is the most challenging. Look at restaurants; half of them fail in the first year! If there were an exact formula to follow to having a successful etsy shop, it would be easy. The challenge is finding the right combination of pricing and marketing and targeting your customers in fresh and unique ways.

Have you taken any business classes to help you prepare for being an Etsy shop owner? What class would you like to take?

I was a business and marketing major in college, which I feel has helped in some regard. If I were to take any class related to my business, I would probably choose one that would help me with tax-related issues.

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