Etsy Shop Name: littlegiggles

What you sell: I sell items for babies and children such as uniquely-designed pacifier holders, emergency bracelets, flower bows, and jewelry. I am able to personalize many of the items to add that one-of-a-kind touch!

Tell us about your featured item: My featured items are a child’s emergency bracelet, personalized pacifier clip, and one of my promotional listings. These bracelets are customized not only by color, but include the child’s phone number in case of an emergency situation. These pacifier holder are very new and have the cutest letters and perfect for baby and toddlers. Each month I offer Limited Specials that provide extra savings for the buyer. Limited Specials are on a “first come, first served” basis and once they run out, will not be listed again until the next month.

How do you decide on the price of your products?

Like many other entrepreneurs out there, it took some time to find the best price for both the buyer and myself. I do wholesale pricing on orders to boutiques and specialty shops, and try to keep the prices low for the everyday buyer as well while still making a small profit for myself. It’s a delicate balance but I feel that it works out for everyone in the end!

Why do you think that most Etsy shop owners are worried about filing taxes?

I think when it comes to opening your own business simply by putting your talents to use; you don’t always have a full understanding of the tax process. It also becomes difficult to become organized enough to keep track of everything. After all, most of us started these businesses doing the things we love to do. I’ve never found everything I need in one place and sometimes still have concerns and questions but find it sometimes helps to communicate with other business owners. I am always up for learning new tricks when it comes to my business!

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