Etsy Shop Name: FromJapanWithLove

What you sell: I sell supplies like stickers, fabric, chiyogami paper, buttons and lots of other Japanese supplies.

Tell us about your featured item: My featured item is the Japanese Sweet Dumpling Stickers. I love these because they are so unique and very Japanese. “Dango”, as the rice dumplings are called in Japanese, are famous in Japan.
Is this your first entrepreneurial adventure, or are you a seasoned veteran?

I have owned other businesses but this is the first one that I know will work for me in the long run. When I was a University student I had a business lecturing to schools, universities and women’s groups about body image. I also had an online shop in Japan selling unique jewelry to Japanese but we closed that one down when this business basically started taking all of my time and was becoming more profitable.
Do you hire an accountant to help with your Etsy shop finances? Why or why not?

I would love to hire an accountant so that I can have help truly figuring it all out. The business laws/rules are very different here in Japan and I really would like to make sure that I’m doing it right. Since I would need a bilingual accountant and I don’t live in Tokyo, it will be very expensive so that is something I plan to do in the future-hopefully before tax season next year.

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