Etsy Shop Name: haddy2dogs

What you sell: Needle felted fiber art

Tell us about your featured item: This is a paper mache ball a little larger than asoftball, filled with treasures. I also add a clothbag to collect them in.We started making this kind of pinata when our firstchild was very young. Gnomes would hide them in thefairy garden. To open it you can toss it, kick it orplay hot potato with the family.

This toy is for all the parents out there who havecome home with a pile of plastic oddities from anotherchilds pinata. Myself I stare like a deer inheadlights wondering exactly what do with it. Myfillings are a natrual alternative. The materials canbe used for many activities. The other items wouldblend nicely into any home. I also have a deaf childwho, blinfolded and armed with a large stick canstrike fear into the bravest soul. So we still enjoythe thrill of pinatas but play soccer with theminstead of hitting them.

What role does creativity play in your marketingmethods?

Creativity is very important. I find that having ashop personality helps set me apart. Owning a smallbusiness takes more than just artistic talent.

Do you enjoy, loathe, or simply accept the necessityof record keeping for your business? Why?

I am awful at keeping records but I admit as mybusiness has grown I force myself to do it.

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