Etsy Shop Name: Simplysavy

What you sell: Handbags, totes, messenger bags, evening bags and more. Our whole concept is “simple purses for your savy mood.

Tell us about your featured item: This was a hard one to pick. My sister is more conservative where I am more funky and retro. So since I am the one writing this interview I picked our Stella Tote. Funky and Unique! That is how to describe The Stella. This is a great medium size tote that fits perfectly without too much bulk horizontally. We added a black vinyl bottom and tote style handles for durability. Pack up your things for the day and go with style. Great colors of orange, taupe, white, purple and black give this a great Bohemian look. This is a MUST to have. Dimensions: 12 1/2 inches wide 13 inches high 2 1/2 inch bottom 12 1/2 inch tote straps top to bottom

What do you enjoy most about running your own Etsy shop?

We are two sister's/mom's who created Simply Savy because we wanted not only our kids to spend more time together but for us to do something that would be fun and creative together. Our goal is to have a line of original purses that fit every style, outfit and savy mood without breaking the bank. As mom's we are so busy taking care of other's that sometimes we forget about ourselves, this way you can treat yourself, while still staying within your budget. Our shop is for anyone looking to spruce up their closet and satisfy their handbag obsession without feeling guilty for overspending. It's handmade, handcrafted and made with care and love. We have total control over what we do on our shop, how and when we promote and when we create. Etsy is flexible and fun. The community is probably the second best thing about Etsy!!!

Do you set goals for your Etsy shop? If so, what type of goals?

Always!! Our goal is to sell 10 items a month, does it always happen, no but we come pretty close. Some months are better than other’s and it seems to all balance out in the end. We try and make 2 handbags each a week. Being mothers and having other jobs besides Etsy that can be difficult, so if we can’t create, we take the time to promote and talk to other Etsyians in the chat rooms of Etsy. (My personal addiction)

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