4th Ave. Soap Co.

Etsy Shop Name: 4th Ave. Soap Co. What you sell: I specialize in handcrafted soaps and other bath & beauty products. Tell us about your featured item: This is one of my blossom soaps (an oatmeal soap scented with Pink Sugar), which I love for its intricate and unique design. Even the mold for this soap is handmade, although not by me – I eventually hope to learn to make my own molds so that I can create my own designs! As with all of my soaps, this one is made with a glycerin base that is free of detergents, surfactants, sulfates and alcohol.
Have you taken any business classes to help you prepare for being an Etsy shop owner? What class would you like to take? I haven't, but I have considered it. I recently looked into a program for a Masters in Entrepreneurship, and am still considering enrolling once I've graduated and moved on from law school. If I had to pick just one class or one area of study, though, I'd really like to learn more about marketing for small businesses. Do you hire an accountant to help with your Etsy shop finances? Why or why not? Thankfully my mother is my accountant! I'm very grateful for all of her help and guidance with keeping my business finances and taxes in order. Otherwise I would probably hire an accountant – it's very important to me to mind all my financial p's and q's.

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