Etsy Shop Name:
What you sell:
I sell a happy acknowledgement of one’s personal sense of style—i.e., handcrafted jewelry. My jewelry is subtle but assertive, sometimes even reaching the downright seductive.
Tell us about your featured item:
This bracelet, Saturn, was a complete departure from every piece I’d made in the past. I was trained in the classic silversmith style where all you’d use would be natural gems and metal you’d hand-fabricated or cast. I found myself without studio space and began working with gemstone beads, but this was the first piece where I used borosilicate glass beads (by glassgypsy), mixing them with rhodolite garnets and Bali silver, wrapping connections and the toggle clasp.
The thing I really love about this bracelet is how it’s a world unto itself. The vivid glass colors whirl and blend like planets seen from space, one bead even contains a mysterious mist approximating water. The raspberry-colored garnets add an organic feel and swirly, hypnotic Bali beads spin like tops, completing the planet rotation theme. And, of course, if planets revolve around you, you must be something pretty special!
What do you enjoy most about running your own Etsy shop?
I like connecting with my buyers. Some of them want custom touches or we’ll go back and forth on a design, swapping out stones or changing another portion so the piece is very individual and meaningful to them. I enjoy hearing from them when they’ve received their jewelry, how frequently they’ve worn it, the compliments they’ve received, their delight at the packaging. They notice everything, and it makes my day.
What do you dislike most about running your own Etsy shop?
The same thing I dislike about selling in general—paperwork. Tracking costs, sales, dealing with the bank accounts, tax deadlines, it’s like another job in itself. I wonder if I’m doing everything right, what I’ve forgotten and if I’m second-guessing myself.

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