The House of Worn

Etsy Shop Name: The House of Worn

What you sell: Independent fashion publications

Tell us about your featured item: The word, “fashion” is descended from the same roots as “fasten” and “facilitate” and once meant something along the lines of “creation by means of bundling and tying” but has (in the last 50 or so years) come to be synonymous with “trendy.” Styles now go in and out of fashion. Worn strives to get back to that earlier meaning, and discover what is of lasting value about clothing and style.
Worn plays a unique role by bringing a political, environmental, historical and cultural context to fashion. Pushing boundaries of collaboration and authorship with fashion magazine tropes like the photo story, Worn expands traditional relationships between models, designers, writers, photographers and illustrators. By exploring where art and fashion overlap, connecting with Fashion scholars and artists, and paying attention to how what is worn gets made, interpreted, transformed, disseminated and copied, Worn opens new avenues in art theory.
Do you consider yourself and entrepreneur? Why or why not?

Yes I do. I am building the publishing house into something that will actually pay me a salary. Though it hasn’t happened yet… this is what I want to do with my life and am passionately pursuing it every waking moment.

Do you feel more comfortable with the business or crafting side of your business? Why?

I love learning the business side of the industry. I have absolutely no training prior to starting this endeavor, and that has proved both a good thing and a bad thing. I had to learn some lessons that school could have avoided for me, but in other ways not having a model let me grow in new ways that are maybe unconventional in publishing. I can’t say whether I like being an editor or a publisher more…they are both so motivating and exciting. I know that sounds totally cheesy – but it’s true!

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industrialpoppy said...

As a person with a textile background, and one that used to very involved in the "fashion" industry, I find clothing (itself) to be a fascinating study in persona. Who we are and how we are feeling today is expressly stated to others by what we have chosen to wear - whether we like it or not -if the observer is willing to translate this information.