mikan designs

Etsy Shop Name: mikan designs or ww.mikandesigns.etsy.com

What you sell: Designers jewelry, unique fashion jewelry and high-end pieces, in original and contemporary designs.

Tell us about your featured item: The featured item is the contemporary design of the swarovski bangle bracelet. It can be ordered in any color of crystals, and it is uniquely made with circles of crystals, that shines and glitters on the hand. The clear swarovski crystal option is great for brides, and for any occasion, and the black option is very dramatic and adds the special touch needed for any elegant black evening dress. All other colors options are great for any kind of appearance, chic jeans and simple white top with this bracelet, is a winning casual look!

Do you consider yourself and entrepreneur? Why or why not?

I consider my self as an entrepreneur. I have created a several selling platforms that allow me to reach my target audience overseas. My strong belief in e-commerce and in selling our local creativity to the one-of-a-kind lovers abroad is beginning to prove itself.

How do you keep your receipts and paperwork organized?

I use the services of a good accountant. I organize all my papers in special folders and summarize all activity in the end of each month.

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