Etsy Shop Name: KeysAndMemories

What you sell:Vintage Typewriter Key Jewelry

Tell us about your featured item: This is one of my favorite pieces. I love the classic Tenniel illustrations from Alice in Wonderland. I hand color each picture and insert it under the glass tops of vintage typewriter keys.
Do you believe there is any relationship between the number of sales a shop makes and the number of hearts they have?

Tough question! I think hearts can show the likeability of your product line or your persona. I know someone with tons of hearts and low sales.
I think overall hearts show interest in your product line and that can mean sales somewhere along the line.

Why do you think that most Etsy shop owners are worried about filing taxes?

Possibly because of the time involved. I know for me, digging thru 12 months of receipts is something I am not looking forward to.

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