Etsy Shop Name: MamaRobot

What you sell: I sell greeting cards, prints, and apparel, all featuring my original illustrations.

Tell us about your featured item: I made this Robot Toddler Tee because so many customers loved my Robot baby onesie but asked for something in a larger size. I chose a soft cotton shirt in bright green from American Apparel. I've been very happy with the quality and the feel of the fabric. I'm also very proud of my labels. I chose a label that is folded over before it's sewn in, so there are no scratchy raw edges.

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur? Why or why not?

I am absolutely an entrepreneur, and I've always had that entrepreneurial spirit. When I was 10, I sold my greeting cards to the neighbors. I forget what I charged, but I remember each card took a really long time to make. I've always felt that owning a business would be the ultimate career because instead of working my way up, I would be in charge from the start.

Do you feel more comfortable with the business or crafting side of your business? Why?

It depends on the day. Creating art is such a fickle thing; there are times when I feel like I'm out of ideas, then one day it all comes rushing back. So it's good to have things like taxes and marketing to focus on when I'm feeling uninspired. It creates a nice balance. I also find it extremely empowering to figure out quarterly New York State sales tax, because you need a calculator and a half!

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we're pulling our hair out doing the same thing- great interview!