Etsy Shop Name:
Creative Metalsmithing by Laura Flavin
What you sell:
I sell hand crafted sterling silver jewelry. I design and fabricate each piece in my home studio located in Tampa, Florida.
Tell us about your featured item:
My Nesting Bird Necklace is a favorite of mine in my etsy shop. This necklace is a perfect combination of rustic and modern infused with a sweetness inspired by nature. I have textured and forged a piece of silver wire, cut out the flowers and bird with my handsaw and soldered them into place. This pendant has been oxidized to give it a wonderful antiqued patina that enhances the detail and texture of the piece. I am inspired by the wildlife and foliage within my surroundings. Birds, flowers, and tropical plants influence my creativity and connect me to the part of myself that wishes to express the beauty I see around me everyday.
What role does creativity play in your marketing methods?
Creativity plays a big role in my marketing methods for many reasons. First, I enjoy wearing my jewelry, by doing this I receive many compliments and comments about my work. I take this opportunity to hand out my card and tell people about my jewelry and etsy, Second, I am continually artistically improving my etsy shop. I rework my photos every week or so continually improving their quality and artistic style. In addition, I try to be inventive with my item titles and descriptions. Lastly, I use creativity in my packaging and communication with my customers. I contact each buyer with a personal email note when I receive his or her order, I beautifully package each piece of Modern Bird Jewelry (who doesn’t love opening a lovely present!), and I write a hand written note in a card expressing my thanks and appreciation of their business. I work hard at infusing each transaction with love, care and creativity.
Do you get stressed just thinking about filing taxes?
Well, I admit a do stress a little bit. But………..My wonderful Mom is also a CPA and she keeps me organized and on top of my taxes and bookkeeping!! I keep track of my receipts and expenses, print out all of my transactions and etsy and paypal statements. I do my best, but my methods are archaic, all by hand, no computer help. What can I say? I am slowly coming into the computer age! I am learning to love it; my etsy shop is paving the way. It has allowed me to share my creations with the whole world…….what could be better!

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