Southern Pleasures

Etsy Shop Name: Southern Pleasures
What you sell: I am directly involved in the creation and marketing of cold process soaps.
Tell us about your featured item: Black Raspberry Soap is one of my most favorite soaps to make and is one that my customers go after a lot. I find the scent a little alluring without being sickingly sweet. All of my soaps are really Castile type soaps because of their high olive oil content. I am a very visual person so I like to play with various colors and swirling patterns to create visual appeal.
What role does creativity play in your marketing methods?
Well considering the type of products I am marketing being creative is a necessity. My aim has always been to not only provide the best product I can possibly make but to create in a way that I can successfully stand out from the pack. I tend to create products that are bright and colorful with pleasing scents in hope of evoking positive and warm feelings. I am drawn to those things and hope my customers will be as well.
Do you enjoy, loathe, or simply accept the necessity of record keeping for your business? Why?
Well for a solid year I have had to be very responsible in maintaining accurate records of all my receipts for sales, supplies, marketing and the like. It’s not something that I look forward to doing but know that is a necessity when reporting things accurately to the department of revenue. While I was a tad disorganized with preparing for this year’s taxes I am taking the necessary steps for the duration of 08 to become a lot more organized in record keeping.

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