Very Vintage

Etsy Shop Name:
Very Vintage
What you sell:
I sell handmade jewelry and accessories. I love anything vintage and retro and try to incorporate a little bit of myself and my style into everything that I make.
Tell us about your featured item:
My featured item is one of my personal favorites, very fun and whimsical but still elegant and sophisticated!
I created these adorable mushroom dangle earrings from vintage glass lampwork mushrooms and surgical steel nickel free earwires.
Perfect for parties or just an average day!
Do you enjoy, loathe, or simply accept the necessity of record keeping for your business? Why?
I simply accept the necessity of keeping records. I know from my other job that businesses need to keep records. I try to model my business and what I have learned from that job to apply to my own business. I’ve been very lucky to learn about business and be exposed to a craft type business. I believe that has really helped my own business. Learning to keep records and profit margins on items is simply something that I know is needed for a business to run.
Do you get stressed just thinking about filing taxes?
Haha! Actually no! My mother is an accountant. I’ve taken accounting and have filed taxes since I was 16. ((I am 20 now)) and although this year they will be more complicated, I have my mother to help me with things I am unsure of. Also, since I have purchased some new software from you, I can more accurately keep track of my finances, both for taxes and just for myself, instead of estimating.

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